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— Jim, Brainerd
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Exclusion (Bats, Birds, Mice & Insects)

Ask any good pest management professional what is the best way to prevent getting pests in a home and they'll tell you to exclude them. Not everyone who can swing a hammer understands the biology, size, and how various pests select their microhabitats. Total Cabin does.

Our technicians are trained not only about these pests, bats, birds, mice, insects, and more, but also on the proper techniques to seal things out. Some materials are temporary at best, not designed for our cold winters, and hot summers, while other materials are foiled by stubborn pests who think your home is theirs. We know what works, and what doesn't.

This might be best illustrated by a true story:

A log home owner called us one day. They had bat bugs, which are similar to bed bugs. They were feeding on his wife, but not him, or so he thought because he was showing no signs. Another company had already treated his place for bed bugs, as they misdiagnosed the issue. We determined these bat bugs, which primarily feed on bats, were going to be an ongoing problem until the bats were removed. It turns out, they had 7 different locations with bats near the peak of the roof, dormers, and fireplace. His wife wanted to move.

We gave him an estimate to install one way doors so the bats could get out, yet not return. We'd seal up the rest of the house too. They knew they'd lived with bats for long, they decided to hire a contractor to remove the shingles, roof, insulation, and guano, and build it back up again. They spent over $10,000 doing this. 2 years later, they had bats again in 5 of the original 7 locations! The roofer was very reputable and in discussion with the home owner and us, he agreed to pay us to seal up the home. As the roofer said "Apparently we don't know what we are doing when it comes to sealing these bats out." We do. We sealed them out. Problem solved.

So if you have pests bothering you, keep them where they belong - in nature, and keep your house yours and yours alone.